The Crash and How to Move Forward

In last issue’s editorial, “Cut to the Chase,” we discussed the multitude of emails we receive from UC Davis administrators, and the problem we have with their well­worded, euphemistic explanations leading to no action. Just last month, however, a group of UC Davis athletics seniors dressed up as “Los Seniors,” in flannel shirts, mustaches, and baseball hats, leading the Chican@/Latin@ community to demand action. Unfortunately, it took this culturally insensitive and ignorant incident to spark the dialogue that we believe needs to happen on our campus. The actions being proposed by the UC Davis administration–more “effective” GE courses and improvements … Continue reading The Crash and How to Move Forward

Free to Disagree

Let’s talk about the freedom of speech that we don’t like. On a campus like this one, let’s talk about the pro­lifers with large, graphic banners or the zealous religious demonstrators. And while it is expected for college students to disagree with these opinions, what I find interesting is the argument that labels universities as close­minded. Now more than ever are there accusations and instances of campuses favoring agendas of preferred speech versus true, unabridged freedom of speech. While limiting conflicting speech can be construed as maintaining a healthy campus environment, in actuality, the privileging of certain speech ends up … Continue reading Free to Disagree

Fighting the Hate: Discrimination at UC Davis

The appearance of a swastika on the UC Davis Jewish interest fraternity AEPi marks the third incident involving an anti semitic vandalism on the UC Davis campus in the past five years. With repeated acts of discrimination and hate crime, many students question why these acts continue to occur. Campus authorities, including the Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Program (HDAPP) and the UC Davis Police Department, are charged as responsible for investigating the incidents and crimes that occur on the UC Davis campus. During the winter and spring of 2014, 48 incidents of discrimination were reported to HDAPP, according to UC … Continue reading Fighting the Hate: Discrimination at UC Davis

Cut to the Chase

Dear UC Davis Campus Community,     As a world-renowned university, our academic and research programs reach an international scale because our campus community of civility and diversity expands to levels that support successful endeavors within the– Sound like another campus-wide e-mail? We hope we didn’t lose you in the mess of language. And if you’re an average student reading another “Message from the Chancellor,” it’s likely that you didn’t make it past the greeting. We receive hundreds of emails per week, and often these specific messages are lost or disregarded because they are irrelevant to us or do not resonate authentic … Continue reading Cut to the Chase

UC Davis hosts response to Charlie Hebdo attacks

Friday, February 27 – 41 days had passed since the shooting – by which Al Queda claimed responsibility – at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France, leaving 11 journalists dead and 11 seriously injured. In the wake of this occurance, legal professionals, law students, professors, and undergraduate students alike gathered in King Hall to discuss the role and weight of free speech in the wake of such violence. The attack, said to be a reaction to the magazine’s satirical depictions of the Islamic prophet Muhammed, captured the attention of the world, forcing many to question the role and … Continue reading UC Davis hosts response to Charlie Hebdo attacks